Week One…

This trek has already exceeded all my expectations. Today I hitchhiked for the first time into Julian, CA where we were greeted with a free slice of pie and cup of coffee courtesy of Mom’s Pie House and I will be spending the night at Carmen’s Place, a local restaurant owned by a trail angel here in town. She is shutting her doors next week, but remained open for part of the season allowing us hiker trash to grab a bite, do some laundry, and rest our heads until we depart for the trail again tomorrow.

The community of hiker and trail angel support I have encountered has been truly incredible. Everyone is so supportive and willing to help one another. People are so excited to share even in a small way this adventure we are on.

Twice now while hiking I have come upon “trail magic”. The first time in the form of fresh grapefruit and peanut butter balls left on the trail, and the second by Happy Feet, a 2017 PCT Thru-hiker from Texas who drove out to deliver water, snacks and beer to us hikers after a particularly grueling and hot stretch of trail.

Today I received my trail name “Wine Troll” when I found a bottle of Pinot Grigio still chilled waiting for us under the highway underpass from which we hitched to town after lamenting that I desperately needed a glass of cold wine. The trail truly provides.

I feel so incredibly privileged to be out here, my only responsibility to continue walking until I arrive in Canada. I have already seen such beautiful views and made some truly incredible friends. I know this is only the beginning of my journey and I am incredibly excited to see what else the trail has in store for me.

Author: escheets

Member of the PCT class of 2018 IG: hikinghomo Facebook: agaygonewild

5 thoughts on “Week One…”

  1. So very cool Erik! Anthony and I were camping this past weekend. Two nights in a row we faced West and waved at you. I hope this is an adventure of a lifetime for you!


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