All by myself…

Immediately after publishing my last post I talked to Ant Farm and she informed me she was leaving the trail. I was very disappointed but supported her decision, and off she went to Los Angeles. I am hopeful that after a little time off she misses being homeless and will come back, but time will tell.

Dan’s departure put me into a bit of a funk. Shortly after however, in came Michelle and her boyfriend Brenton to save the day. They picked me up from my hippy daycare, took me to dinner at the Heart and Soul cafe and brought me a bottle of Rosé and some truly amazing brownies to enjoy. I hiked out late and had a freaky night. The desert is really an exciting place at after the sun sets. I saw lots of freaky new bugs and got a view of a creepy pair of eyes and what looked like a feline silhouette running into the bushes. I sang loudly and made lots of noise the next couple miles while rationalizing that it was too small to be a mountain lion and I probably wasn’t going to die. More likely a bobcat or possibly a sweet house cat? I set up my tent for the first time in a couple of weeks after seeing in my headlamp what had been crawling on me in the night and have not cowboy camped since.

I hiked the next few days, they were fairly uneventful. Water sources were scarce and questionable but other than that it was very enjoyable

Three days and 50 miles later I have arrived at Hiker Town. Last night I paid $10 to sleep in the Flower Shoppe and get out of the wind. The $10 also covered an indoor shower and load of bucket laundry which is currently drying on the line. Refreshed I will head out this evening for the section I have been dreading most. I will be hiking on the LA Aqueduct and into the Mohave Desert. I plan on hiking 22 miles through the night to avoid the heat and burning sun. Less than 200 miles and I am in the Sierra’s. I cannot wait.

Author: escheets

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