The Sierras

The Sierras have truly blown my mind and exceeded all my expectations. I am having the time of my life. I finally have my trail legs under me and have been consistently busting out 20 mile days. I am half way through California.

Mornings have been incredibly hard, daily I wake up homesick, I miss my husband, I miss my cat, I miss my friends. I pack up and walk through some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen in my life and it lifts my spirits. I go to bed nightly sore, exhausted, and feeling like the king of the world. I passed the 900 mile marker yesterday and have found the most wonderful trail family to share in my adventure.

I am currently hiking with Snow White, Turtle, Crouton, Road-kill and Bird man. Their enthusiasm and positivity have kept me sane and moving. They are are a really great crew and hysterical, I could not ask for a better group to hike with. It is a nice change of pace from all the alone time.

I never want to leave the Sierras. I love the mountains, the trees, the wildlife and the Alpine lakes. Today we are parked in Mammoth, CA at an AirBNB. I finally feel like a true hiker. I came into this experience green and out of my element, it is my first true backpacking trip. I am flying by the day hikers and JMT hikers and my legs do not feel like my own, they are solid and strong. I am grateful for my body, I have put it through the ringer but it is truly rising to the occasion. I am in the best shape of my life and only getting stronger. Less than 200 miles and I am out of the Sierras and into Northern California.

I am determined to make it to Canada and am on pace to do so. I am still so humbled and grateful for this experience, it has been everything I expected and more. I am eager to see what is still to come.

Author: escheets

Member of the PCT class of 2018 IG: hikinghomo Facebook: agaygonewild

3 thoughts on “The Sierras”

  1. You are doing awesome! The sierras look beautiful, I’m so glad you got to do this! I’m looking forward to see what the next step has in store for you!


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