All Journeys Must End…

My homesickness has gotten the better of me and I am giving up my dreams of becoming a thru hiker. I am currently on a bus, heading back to Texas to be with my family. I will certainly come back and complete the trail but intend to do so in more manageable increments with my husband by my side.

I have thought long and hard about this decision and have really had to reframe my perspective. I do not see this as a failure, although I am falling 1,650 miles short of my goal. Quite the contrary, for my first backpacking trip I would say the 1,010 miles I have trekked were a huge success. I came out here hoping to become more confident, more adaptable and more open and have shattered each of these goals. I am confident that I could continue on and make it to Canada, and do so very happily, but at this point would be doing it to prove something to others and not because it is what I truly desire. The points which needed making I have made to myself. Frankly, anyone who sees me as incapable or weak for “only” walking 1,000 miles can deep-throat a cactus.

I came out here to run away, to escape my life. I’m walking back serenely, with an inner peace and confidence I could never have dreamt of prior to my three months in nature. My perspective has evolved. I am more than I thought I was. I am so proud of the man that I am. I cannot wait to return and experience the rest of what the trail has to offer.

I thank you all once again for your support and encouragement. I am so incredibly humbled and grateful for the time I had out here and the bonds I have formed. I met some truly amazing people and anticipate we will be friends for life. To my family still on the trail, I am rooting for you. I wish you the best. Godspeed to Canada, I look forward to living vicariously through the rest of your journeys until it is time for my next.

Author: escheets

Member of the PCT class of 2018 IG: hikinghomo Facebook: agaygonewild

4 thoughts on “All Journeys Must End…”

  1. I don’t think anyone thinks poorly of you (silence those voices in your head). Quite the contrary…you got out there and followed your dream. You made a decsion to go and you made a decision to come back. That simple. You have done more than must. Cheers to you! Be proud!


  2. Way to go Erik!!! I can’t wait to hear all your stories and see the pictures! You have done awesome on your trail, and I am proud of you little bro!


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