About Me

Hello! Welcome to A Gay Gone Wild! For those of you who do not yet know me, I am Erik Scheets, a 29 year old gay man currently living in Austin, Texas, with my best friend and husband, Chase, and our fur baby (cat), Pixel. I am incredibly excited to be a member of the Pacific Crest Trail class of 2018!

I am relatively green to the outdoor life. For years I refused to camp, or really spend much time in nature at all, thinking it simply “wasn’t for me”. Chase, an accomplished Eagle Scout, tried constantly to get me to go on adventures with him. He wore me down through years of persistence, and, in 2014, he took me on my first camping trip since I was in 6th grade. It worked. With only a few “glamping” trips under my belt, I fell in love with the quiet and solitude that nature offers, and I became a substantially lower maintenance camper.

Visits to a few Texas State Parks and a couple of week-long hiking trips to Big Bend sealed the deal. I experienced unquestionable heartbreak when I had to return to the real world at the end of each trip. That heartbreak was part of our decision to thru-hike the PCT together in 2018.

As it tends to do, life got in the way of our joint PCT plan, and Chase opted out of joining me on the adventure. The wheels were already in motion for me, however, and I couldn’t say no to the opportunity, even if it meant going solo.

Beginning on April 16, 2018, I will be leaving my little family and my life here in Austin for five months to take the 5 millions steps from Mexico to Canada that make up the PCT. This will be my first thru-hike, and the most substantial camping trip I have attempted by a long shot. I am open to learning everything I can, and I hope to share what I learn with others who may be interested in a similar adventure. Please feel free to reach out, comment, ask questions, and follow me on social media. Five months of solitude is a long time, and I am certain I will be longing for social connection. Thank you for taking the time to read – I look forward to sharing my adventure with you all!